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The air ambulance

The Dassault Falcon 20F-5BR corporate jet has been classified as one of the most successful corporate jets in the world. The Falcon jet is built for comfort, speed and durability. It has a range of 4 080 kilometres or 2 200 nautical miles, a maximum speed of 850 km/h, flying as high as 42 000 feet. This particular business jet was manufactured in the early 1980s and has been completely refurbished to perform the requirements of a modern air ambulance. The interior of the aircraft is spacious and provides the opportunity for family members or friends to accompany the patient. The aircraft can comfortably seat six people who are not in need of urgent medical care.

Regions Served

With a 2200 nautical miles range, the Dassault Falcon 20F-5BR can service a wide international market, including the majority of the African continent. Each case is unique and it depends on the needs of each patient as to where he or she will be transported. If patients require a higher level of care, they will be flown back to South Africa, or in certain instances, can be repatriated to Europe or the Middle East and even the USA if need be, depending on the requirements of the medical insurer and the level of medical care required.

AMI Aviation Services offers the following services:

24 Hour Worldwide Service
Flight Nurse and Flight Medic staffing on each mission
Medical supervision of each flight
Extensive international experience
Specialists in transporting critically ill patients
State of the Art medical equipment
24 hour access to our Flight Coordinators who arrange every transport detail
Cost effective pricing
Air organ procurement and recipient transportation

Levels of Treatment offered AMI Aviation Services:

Basic Life Support

Patients need minimal external life support, but needs to be monitored during the air ambulance transport.

Advanced Life Support

Patients typically suffering from trauma, burns or cardiac failure. Transports may require the equipment and medical flight care as well as cardiac defibrillation, ability to control and monitor dysrhythmias, administer drugs, and establish and maintain respiratory airways.

Critical Care

The highest level of care, necessary for patients who are severely ill or injured. The air ambulance transport may include a physician or other specialty staff.

Accompanying Your Family Member

Passenger Information

When possible, one or two family members or spouse may accompany the patient
Patient's medical requirements or the need for additional medical staff, equipment will always take priority
All air medical services and medical flights are customized for each patient transport

Required Documentation

Everyone traveling on International Flights must provide the following information prior to departure:

Full Name
Relation to patient
Passport number and expire date
Date of birth
Visa information, when and where applicable

How to Schedule Air Ambulance Service

Call Air Ambulance Service
Have basic medical information about the patient on hand
Location of the patient, the name of the hospital or facility and the address (city, state and/or country)
Patient destination including the name of the destination hospital and address
When possible, provide an approximate transport date or time

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